Smartt Cottage School

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Core Essentials

Children cover everything they need per the standard curriculum but are free to go above and beyond, based on their interests.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are focused on, building on a child's natural desire to inquire, discover, discuss and find out about the world they live in.

Interactive classes

Applied learning with Interactive classes, using both the digital and tangible world of learning to bring concepts to life in a real-world context.

Experiential Learning

Fun, creative, collaborative, and exploratory activities in the classroom and out for experiential and applied learning and deeper practical understanding of the full spectrum of the subject.

A child will naturally explore the world around them at the early stages of learning based on strong, self-motivated interest to know. They naturally will use all senses available to them: sight, touch, smell, taste, and intuitive and intangible innate perceptions.

They don’t have to be told to be interested, they just are the most amazing free, creative and inquisitive creatures around. Unfortunately, however, once they are installed within our existing schooling systems, which has failed to grow and change with a rapidly changing world around us, they tend to lose this natural inquisitive interest as they are told “What” to learn “When” to learn it and “How” much time they have to learn it in.

Thus, we see a bright alive child at the age of 3 or 4 become a resentful teenager at 14 or 16 who generally is not interested any longer in school and can’t wait to be done. This is not the case for all but certainly a case for many.

The ambitions of the SMARTT School are to ensure, for any child, that the natural interest in learning they are born with, remains a passion for life. The SMARTT School child is given the space, time, and freedom to rediscover that early wonder and self-motivated interest in the discovery of everything around them. The SMARTT School child is allowed to set their own pace and be master of their own learning universe. The SMARTT School Facilitators are expert caring individuals that know each child is an individual and is different and has a need to grow and learn at a pace that is in alignment with them as an individual and does not and will never just fit into a box. The SMARTT School Facilitators take care and the time to ensure each child discovers their own special and wonderful uniqueness. Thus, the SMARTT School environment is completely focused on individuality with no generalities or preconceived ideas applied, allowing children to blossom and grow most naturally.

What we do

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