What Our Students Have to Say

  1. What do you like about coming to SMARTT Cottage School?

  • Free will and a welcoming environment. You can go at a pace that is your own at study or play.

  • It’s fun and a new experience, and I get to learn new things

  • Enjoyment, ability to work on a subject that I feel passionate about and have fun.

  • Every day is different

  • The free choice of being able to choose the work you would like to do in the school day.

  1. Why do you like that?

  • It’s a different experience, it a much healthier (physically and mentally) experience.

  • I like trying new things in life and getting exposed to a multitude of aspects.

  • I can work on a subject in a way I feel comfortable and it helps me give the best to my work.

  • It’s not like a normal school where everyone is in school uniforms and we all work on different subject at the same time and can collaborate with others and work in groups in different subjects.

  • It makes me want to learn and I am able to pay full attention on the subject I would like to do instead of being forced to do a subject that I do not feel interested in at that time.

  1. What is different for you about being here vs where you went to school previously?

  • It’s not as crowded and no negative force on the students.

  • At SMARTT they focus on you and give you individual attention and they focus on your strengths and weaknesses and can help and guide you where needed.

  • Smartt school has a lot more to offer than my previous school, variety of sport and Pe and not limited to just soccer and cricket.

  • We are a mixed aged group all together and can work together.

  • There were only a couple subject we were able to do in my previous school, here I have a wide verity and its more exciting and fun and better overall.

  1. What do you feel has been the biggest value for you in coming to SMARTT School?

  • I’m more determined, independent, ambitious, I have more integrity, independence and can work will in group., I have upskilled myself in several regions across the studying field,

  • I used to hate and be bad at maths and now I can do it and understand it and I am building my confidence.

  • Being more comfortable with learning and being able to work at my own pace and not have the pressure of not having the time to be able to complete my task properly.

  • We are able to work on our subjects and I am able to work on my art skills with a variety of materials that are available

  • I’m not doing the same subject and can work on grades higher than the grade I am in as I love maths

  1. Why is it a benefit?

  • With how much I have progressed and with the free space its much easier to control and manage situations. It teaches kids to be themselves and commit to doing things that can make them successful.

  • It benefits me as I am able to get individual attention and work on projects I enjoy as well as keep focused on my schoolwork in a way I find fun.

  • I have been able to express myself in an environment in which I feel safe and that has helped me to become the person I am now.

  • I can use my art and interest based learning work I have done. later on in life for a career path I would like to follow.

  • I benefit by learning what I am interested in and can continue working on it without having to stop and wait until the next year.

  1. What do you think other kids would benefit from by coming to school here?

  • Most mainstream schools are so suppressive and the kids cant grow enough and with a free environment its easier for a child to grow and learn and take responsibility and can actually grow and learn instead of parroting information. I think that others would benefit greatly from the care that they receive and the free environment. What benefits them would depend entirely on each individual.

  • They have any trouble with subjects they are given the attention and time they need to get better as well as they are not piled with homework that keeps you up till 3 in the morning.

  • They can grow physically and mentally, be able to grow and get the best education and develop themselves, become more outspoken without the fear of being shouted at.

  • They can choose to work independently or in a group, They can work one on one and receive individual attention or work with others. There are always choices available.

  • It would all depend on their learning experience from their previous school, They would feel free and welcome, they have the freedom of choice and able to work at a pace they are comfortable.

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