Using the environment

Maths is all around us and yet most students only learn about it from behind a desk.

At SMARTT Cottage School we look at the world of education, a little differently ?

SMARTT Cottage Kids seeing Maths in the world around them!

One of our students has a passion for photography.  Recognising this passion, we took the students Maths lesson into the outside world.  Armed with a camera, we ventured into the School gardens to see how many angles we could find, whether found naturally in nature or man-made, we were able to find every angle and working with the camera gave it a whole new angle, (pun intended).  When activities are fun, and align with the children’s areas of strong interest, they no longer see them as work but rather as fun activities and this keeps a love for learning.

Straight – Full rotation
Acute – Obtuse – Reflex

Reflex angle – Obtuse angle

Right angle

Acute angle – Obtuse angle

As you will see on our website, our entire philosophy of learning, has as one of its core foundations, “Interest based learning”.  Teaching via and through the child interest, is what lays the foundations of a passionate learner on into their adult lives.  It is this foundation that we seek to help the future visionaries change the world for the better, whatever the road ahead is for each and every child that walk through our doors and sets foot on the SMARTT Cottage School journey.

SMARTT Cottage School Directress

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