Technology & the 4th Industrial Revolution

A SMARTT School recognizes that technology has a significant impact on every child's future and is a very dominant aspect of every aspect of modern child life. In our Creative Lab and Technology Hub, we use a variety of technologies, platforms, and tools. Tinkercad, a 3D design tool, is a simple step-by-step procedure app that helps children apply subjects such as math and science, English, and creative art. Here at SMARTT School, we understand that we live in an age of information and technology. It occupies just about every aspect of our lives and will become more dominant in a growing child's future.

Technology is a critical part of the SMARTT School environment. The children are free to learn the basics of coding languages, and App development which will support their Young Entrepreneurial program and provide critical life foundations for their future endeavors into Adult life.

There is a rich and well-developed Technology and Creative Lab within the School environment providing access to computers in a way that will gradiently take the child through a discovery journey of Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Computer Coding, exploration of the Internet as an educational tool in a safe and self-governed ethical manner.

The Tech and Creative Lab is a space for the child to discover what their imagination is made of “if they can think it up they can bring it to life in the Tech and Creative Lab” The lab makes available to the child every possible material they and us can think up and encourages them to build it and explore how it works no matter what it is from designing dresses to building rockets and everything else in-between!

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