Starting Point–Ages 2 to 6

The correct materials in a toddler environment, help in developing the whole child, as each specific material, is strategically thought out to have multiple purposes, some of which, may be obvious and others are more indirect but will assist the child from an early age all the way throughout their learning journey.

The materials assist to develop the child in the following ways:

        • Intellectually: with respect to, concentration, reasoning, sequencing and Grouping
        • Physically: with respect to, gross and fine motor skills and strengthening muscles
        • Emotionally: regards, developing good self-esteem, independence and confidence
        • Socially: related to, orientating the child with their world and those around them.
        • Spiritually: in developing a nature of respect and knowing of one’s inner self.
        • Language: increases and exposes the child to vocabulary.

Education of the senses, then, the education of the intellect”.

Maria Montessori believed that sensorial exploration begins at birth, the child absorbs and learn through their senses if intelligence and movement are married in activity for children between three and six.

Without our senses the world would be dull and boring. In the classroom the sensorial area allows the child to explore materials that directly and indirectly use the senses allowing the child to become aware of them, gain the knowledge and experience as to how they can be used in everyday life, lay the foundation for other areas of education, bringing the outside environment inside creating a respect and love for the senses. Most importantly the sensorial area fills a need that the child has, to refine his sensorial impressions and mentally order the sensorial impressions he has already received and is steadily adding too. Allowing the child the ability to order during a sensitive period of order gives the child the ability to make sense of all that he absorbs, in turn making it have meaning. This in turn helps to develop the child holistically.  

The refinement of sensorial impressions is part of the sensitive periods a child experiences and take place from birth to approximately the age of 6 years when the child is able to abstract the sensitive period disappears. During this sensitive period, the child is sensitive to using and gaining experience with all the senses through hands on activities and if this period is adequately fulfilled the child’s behaviour is calm, has a love for learning and working using his senses.

The materials are always designed with the child’s development at the for focus and encourage the child to be self-disciplined allowing the child the confidence in his ability to complete the task which in turn give the child the internal reward and drive to repeat the activity, indirectly refining the sense, laying down new controls in the nervous system, coordinating his muscles and building concentration in the child.

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