Phyzzed Sports Club

Phyzzed Sports Club (1)
Children spend so much time being inactive it often can affect the mood and mental attitude toward life. One of the most difficult activities to keep constant is a general physical sport, that gets the heart pumping and sweat flowing and brings that beautiful healthy glow to a child cheeks, that used to be the norm for most children back in the day, as there were no gadgets and no TV and no computer games to keep them sedentary.
This may not be a problem for the “Sporty” child. However, there are many children who are not “Sporty” and so don’t seek out the level of physical activity they should.
This class offers a solution to homeschooled children, who need to find friends, socialize in a safe space. Get some good old-fashioned run around time, whilst having a Blast. Donavan and Phyzz Ed Sports makes that possible.
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