Fitness, physical health & teamwork

Quality physical education programs are needed to increase the physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility, and enjoyment of physical activity. Hockey, Netball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Cricket are what you think of when you see the words PHYSICAL, and although they are all (and more) offered at our school by our outsources Physical education couch, they are not the only physical activities our children take part in.

The World Insided & Outside Our Classroom

Our school is set up on a beautiful property of which offers all a child would need to have fun and with imagination the sky is the limits. The environment enables the children to be exactly that ‘Children’ whether it be inside or outside they are allowed to use the space to work and play. The code of conduct allows for boundaries to help the students to control any situation and allow them to often work through any difficulties they may face, independently. The classroom materials often promote physical activity and students may be seen running inside and out doing various activities depending on the subject.

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