Through our SMARTT Foundation Pillars of Learning, we have developed a set of learning aids and materials, in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts, that significantly improve any learner’s ability to grasp a subject and be successful in their learning journey.  We make use of these tools each day within each child’s learning experience.  However, we also understand that these materials can offer great value, as an essential part of any learner’s educational experience.    We, therefore,  offer the tools to anyone that would like to improve their grasp of the subjects they are studying and acquire key skills in improving their ability to study better and really excel in their school career.


We offer 14 Microlearning Modules, on understanding obstacles to successful study and overcoming these obstacles, to streamline learning.  Ideally each one of the 14 Modules must be completed, in the correct sequence, if the learner is to fully address all identified obstacles.


It is important to work through each of these study techniques in the correct order, 1 to 14, as each technique builds off the previous one.  So, ensure to purchase the modules starting at 1, then 2 and so on.  Should you wish to purchase all modules with a once off purchase, you will receive a discount on your once off purchase.

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