Music at SMARTT is approached in a wonderfully inclusive manner. I teach with the intention of growing each member of the class at a development pace that is aligned with each individual student’s interest. Our year-end concerts have each student contributing on their instrument of interest – to play together and separately. There are no limits set for the scope of our student’s musical interests and one of the students even contributed to the concert,  by presenting an electronic song he had compiled, another on guitar, another on a keyboard, another on percussion… The students are learning music theory in practice by playing the recorder together (a single-note-at-a-time melody line – making it achievable by all). This foundation helps them with anything else musical that they adventure into.

I’ve never met an adult who regretted learning music as a child however I’ve met many who showed regret about either not taking it as a child or stopping when they lost interest temporarily. For all, there is great news! It’s never too late and if you start again after a break you will pick it up faster than if you had never taken music in your youth. If you have never played a musical instrument – it is never too late to start – it brings so much joy into a person’s life.

For teens starting or continuing their musical studies it takes on a deeper emotional understanding of music and musical performance takes on a new level of expression. It also helps with a more profound sense of belonging in society.

During your teens, it’s excellent to become a part of a band or an orchestra and have music as the center of positive social interaction.

  • Creates Responsibility.
  • Teaches Patience.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem.
  • Improves Reading Skills.
  • Exposes New Cultures.
  • Enhances Coordination.
  • Promotes Math Skills.
  • Encourages Self-Expression.
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