Learning Is all around us

Learning Is all around us and if we instil a love for learning into the current generation of children then the sky is the limit to what they can accomplish.

How many times have you heard a person ask, “How does this work?” or “what does this word mean?”, “What’s that?” We have technology at our figure tips, yet we still find ourselves asking others “How” “When” and “Why”.

Our students have a passion for learning and often it can lead to a wonderful exploration not only of information but of themselves as well and I have seen it too many times for it to just be a coincidence.

I’ll give you an example……

Recently, whilst doing Mathematics with one of my students, another was busy with English and came across a word in which she could not quite place, she took it upon herself to look it up in the dictionary and came across a few possibilities, this then led her to research words ending in “ath”, finding a word for each letter of the alphabet ending or containing “ath”.

What seems a simple exercise to fill her need for knowledge to complete the work at hand turned into a full project, growing in a her passion for words, while becoming a professional as to how to work with a dictionary and really understand not just a simply single definition of a word, but the derivatives and origins of words. Further this passion that sprung from a need to understand a single word, lead to strengthening her research skills, broadened her vocabulary, promoted independence, and the best part is she had fun while learning?

Allowing the child to discover while learning, is an amazing journey that strengthens their love for education. These discoveries should never be disrupted or invalidated.  At SMARTT Cottage School, we consistently strive to make the daily environment conducive to an enriched and fun filled learning experience, one children love to come to and are passionate to improve and do better within. 

SMARTT Cottage School Directress

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