Intermediate – Ages 7 – 12 & Senior Ages 13 - 18


We accept children from the age of 3, unless otherwise individually agreed.
Early Learning focuses on Ages 2 to 6, where children then move to Next Steps (Intermediate), with a focus on children to Ages 7 to 12. As the child completes Level 1-3 and moves into Level 4-6, we will commence with testing and assessments for Platform Online Schooling Academic Programme, readiness assessments. The online programme requires a child to have achieved a moderate to high degree of Executive Function Skills sets. This means that the child is effective in working independently, has a high degree of self-motivation, is quite adept in technology, use of email, use of simple systems, has started to be effective in time keeping and time management, can follow an instruction and complete tasks effectively to their level. A child will not be put on to the online platform prior Grade 10, if we deem that they are not ready. We will ensure that they are ready and can cope easily by Grade 10, (Senior Level), where the migration to CambriLearn, is then considered, so that they are prepared for the school leaving journey.
If we find that the child is not yet ready for this more advance academic environment, the child will remain in the direct SMARTT School Programme and will be reassessed in the last term of the year for the following year.

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The SMARTT School approach follows the individual progress, relevant and focused, for each child. Not all children may use the various online academic and supporting educational learning platforms, the platforms are introduced based on an assessment of each child and what that child might need in their assisted learning process. Students, along with the hand on facilitators, workout their time plans and only move forward only when they are ready to do so.
SMARTT School supports our children across a learning spectrum, vs trying to peg them into a specific grade. Thus, the child might do math’s at a higher grade, whilst Natural Sciences are at a lower grade. Ultimately each child, in their time, will cover the full curriculum. They can also take a step back and address specific gaps or progress faster without having to wait for the whole class. Each step is supported by SMARTT Schools dedicated facilitator, who is there, every day to assist your child in their lessons, projects, and engagements, helping them when needed, providing just the right support as required, so that your child finds their independence and inner strengths.
The SMARTT School, Interest Based Learning approach, is what will provide your child with the opportunity to move at their own pace, master content, grow in confident self-determinism, and excel by moving forward in a gradient process that is uniquely right for them as the individual that they are. The phased approach allows students to fast forward to work that challenges them and keeps them engaged. However, our SMARTT School Facilitators are uniquely skilled in identifying where they may have skipped a gradient, or miss-understood a body of work, and will quickly work to get them back on track and winning. The unique blend of the excellence of the online platform tools and apps, coupled with the nurturing SMARTT school’s hands on caring facilitated environment, is exactly what your child needs to excel.
We operate In a country environment close to both Lanseria Airport and Cradlestone mall. About 15 minutes away from Dainfern. We focus on both EQ, emotional development and IQ academics. We support an array of after school holistic education activities, in our weekly afternoon programmes, as this helps to develop strong communication skills, critical thinking, in problem solving challenges and teamwork and leadership skills. Check out of Activities within our Holistic Integrated Learning Programmes.
All the children, at structured times, will collaborate, in given activities across the age range. This is important as it further develops critical soft skills in empathy and understanding of others, including developing greater tolerance. We believe these types of skills are vital for children in this new age, along with a good academic environment. The Tuition Facilitators work one-one with the children, so they get to engage and interact vs sitting in a big class being lectured a, (Child Centered Approach vs Teacher Centered Approach). Classes are small and very individually focused.
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