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Event Name: Let Us Learn About Our Earth

Event Date: 7 JUNE 2023

Event Time: 9am to 2pm

Please complete the following Registration Form to book your children’s attendance at this SMARTT Tutor Center Event

Purpose of information collection

The purpose of collection of this information is as follows:

  1. We require this information for confirmation of yours and your children's attendance as well as management of security of you and your children as well as the children and staff at the Tuition Center, through verification of each party attending the event. Once you have Registered one of our staff will make contact with you and verify your details and add you to our closed Events WhatsApp Group.
  2. We will hold your information for ease of future Event registrations. You are free to request that we remove your information at any time.
  3. At the Tuition Center we also hold Day activities that focus on fun projects and specific subjects. We retain your information so that we can let you know about these activities. You are free to opt out of these notifications at any time.
  4. By completing the information on the form below, you consent to all of the above.
  5. Should you only wish to attend this information and receive no further notifications about future events and activity days, please click the box at the end of the form.
Event Registration

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