Business for Young Entrepreneurs

We live in a world where traditional forms of education are no longer fit to equip children for the world they are growing up into. The world is effectively in an educational crisis, given the rapid introduction of robotic process automation and the use of Artificial Intelligence. This may seriously jeopardize a child’s future opportunities unless they are equipped with excellent Critical thinking skills, high EQ, and entrepreneurial out box leadership skills.

Our SMARTT Cottage School BYE program is completely unique in its application and delivery. The children are taken through a real-life journey from idea creation to actually launching a small business. They work through the challenges of formulating a viable idea and translating it into a workable business that can be sustainable and profitable. They learn critical skills such as:

1. Pitching a startup business idea to an investor.
2. Managing all aspects of finance, including, startup capital, bookkeeping, management accounts, investment case, and more.
3. Building a correct business model that is a right fit for the business idea.
4. Managing risks, governance, and compliance and how this relates to the success of the business.
5. Working with systems, Risk management, and Compliance systems, building a website, marketing tools, finance tools, Operational tools, IOT, etc.

The purpose of the program is to equip the child with a real-world scenario that teaches in a safe and secure environment, how to deal with the challenges they will face in the real adult business world of their future.

Our overall aim, at SMARTT Cottage School, is to make education more holistic, by removing those factors that disempower children and create mediocrity and adding those key ingredients that empower self-determination and critical thinking, and leadership skills. Driving a passion to embrace technology to impart in-demand industry skills, assimilation of vocational training in the core curriculum, and inclusiveness agenda is likely to result in the development of well-rounded individuals possessing a good mix of academic intensity, industry experience, in-demand market skills, and a strong civic sense.

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