Back Breaking

Textbooks, exercise books, pencil case, sports clothes, lunch are to name a few items that are asked to be brought to school daily, Parents are so consumed in finding a bag to help but maybe it is the school that needs to change its ways… I have seen posts on social media of parents asking, “what bag is best that won’t break” ” my child is complaining of back ache, what should I do?” “My son has to take two bags to school…” While parents search for the best bag for their child, to support the massive load that is required daily and that will give the best back support to avoid later strains and aches while not breaking the bank. This back breaking is yet another issue I find with the educational system of today, while some schools offer the online textbook option to help with this issue it is also not always ideal. I am sure we have all had those days where technology does not tend to play along and you spend hours trying to get the issue sorted, or you forgot your charger, my personal favourite “Update needed, please restart your computer”, now imagine all this extra stress on a student. In the classroom there is no room for error as the teachers are under great pressure to get the syllabus completed in a small-time frame.

We give each student a space to store their books/art, a place to hang their bag and a desk to call their own if they so wish. Being able to have a space of their own gives them a sense of pride and responsibility as it is not just “a school” its “Their school” it is a place they can feel comfortable and be free to learn in a way that suits them. With two classrooms, a quaint library scattered with beanbags and cushions; a music room stocked with keyboard and percussion instruments, art/tech lab bosting a 3D printer and art supplies to accommodate most creative minds; and a kitchen/science lab that exploding with excitement, there is no shortage of space and a child can go to where they feel most comfortable. I often find that for group lessons they tend to gravitate towards the main classroom or outside area while if they require quiet time, they enjoy the library, music and second classroom.

With no school uniform there is no need to bring bags of clothing unless they wish to swim on those lovely warm days and with music built into the weekly school curriculum there is no need to go to extra murals and lug instruments around (we are extremely fortunate to have our music teacher do all the lugging of instrument around for us as he brings the instruments with that the students show interest in) When a child is given a bag that exceeded 10 percent of their own weight the spine leans to the opposite side, stressing the middle back, ribs, and lower back more on one side than the other and this muscle imbalance can cause muscle strain, muscle spasm, and back pain. Heavy school bags are also one of the major reasons of cervical and lumbar pains. I have seen both the pros and cons in many different types of bags that are on the market, the trending new trolley bags do relieve the strain from the students back as long as there is a nice path to pull along on, but the troubles come in when there are stairs to climb and fields to cross.

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